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Charge Off for GMAC


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I have been slowly repairing my credit, and my score has gone up about 50 points since I started.

I had a GMAC account which in the comments of my Credit Report

say for (this was for some mileage we needed to pay)

It was paid in full Dec of 2003 to Universal Fidelity.

I do have a letter on GMAC letterhead dated Jan. 2004 that my account is now satisfied.

Eq. Bad Debt & place for collection & skip

Ex. Paid for past due 30 days sixtes or more

TU Paid profit and lass Payment after charge off/collection.

(the above is from the pull from PG)

For Eq. I have all little green Ok's going from late 2003 unitl Jan. 2005

FOr Experain I have from just ok's from 2003

I decided to do a not mine through Equifax on line. Only after 2 days when I pulled PG, and now Equifax has listed a red CO for Feb. 2005.

I was so upset, because I thought my score would go down.

Before the CO was posted my Eq. was 624. Today I get an email from Score Watch and I was so nervous to check it by my score is now 629.

Do you think I should do anything or leave this alone and see what transpires over the next week or so.

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