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OK...I ran my credit report...now what?


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It truthfully isn't as bad as I thought but I have never seen a CR before so am lost...here are my questions.

This is from my Equifax CR:

AT&T = Charge-off - Revolving Account - bal=4154.00

Date Opened: 1994

Date Reported: 01/2003

Date of last activity: n/a

Then has a 81 month payment history: for 1999 it is as follows:

dec-120, nov-90, oct-60, sep-30, aug-30, and jul 30. What would the sol be?

Then this is the weird one....I have not been in contact with an CA or OC for at least 6 years and this shows up on my report....

NCO Financial - Current Status is 120+days past due...

Individual Account

High Credit and balance is 4155.00 (notice it's only $1 more than AT&T)

Open Account

Date Reported: 2/2005

Type of Loan is: Factoring Company Account (Debt purchaser)

So what is that...now I have to wait another 7 years to get it to come off? Could it be the same account (at&t and NCO)??? Ugh I am so confused....please help!

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