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Auto loan with Household on a total loss

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I had my vehicle totaled and my insurance company is ready to pay household, but someone is dragging their feet. I found out today that my insurer still needs a letter of guarantee to cut a check. This was supposed to be done on the 4th. My car accident was on the 15th of February which happened to be my payment date for my loan. Is it unreasonable to have your loan paid off and finalized 45 days after the accident? Household says I am required to keep making them payments until the Insurance completely pays. This may take some time because there is a Gap policy as well and they haven't even filled out the form and sent it to them yet. I had faxed this around the 1st of the month too. I just told them I am not paying a dime because I have another car payment and cannot afford to pay a full payment for a car I do no own anymore. I paid my last payment while owning nothing and have since bought another car. Anyone been in a similar situation. Can they really nail me with 30 day lates and such when they are the ones being slow?

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