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Public Records section of Credit Report


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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum and have read a great deal of helpful information here. My new spouse has incredible credit, I'm in the process of cleaning up a not so good credit history. I will start the debt validation process to get things rolling, I am curious however about the "Public Records" section on the credit report. I have 4 items, which have all been paid or settled, how would I go about getting them removed from the report, or can I. I live in Washington state, 1 item was a tax lien that was for being behind on child support, it has been paid and settled for a few years now. I also have some judgements that show up, again, they have all been paid. Do these have to stay on for 7 years, or is there a way to have them removed. We have a house we bought together before we where married, now we want to refinance together, but my score needs to improve, currently is:

EFX 553

XPN 602

TUC 597

Any information would be appriciated.

What a great sight, I was extremely overwhelmed until I began reading here.


Rick Dyke

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Hello and Welcome!!! :):)++

I would start out by searching these.

For example.. search out "Tax Leins" or "removal of tax leins" etc... read what is on the boards already.. that should give ya a leg up. Then try those methods a try. You may also want to search out the "collections" forum as well... Then.. once you have read all you can stand, come back and post questions.. we would all be happy to help! :D Good Luck!! -Jenn

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