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Identity theft at major firm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Imagine this scenario......you are a paralegal working for a huge nationial collection agency. You make about $10 an hour living in a major metropolitan city. You resent all of your "clients" and they absolutely hate you. You do this day in and day out, 52 weeks a year. You are just sracping by at a job you hate. You also have access to tens of thousands of social security numbers, addresses and dates of birth, even phone numbers and mothers maiden names. You are a possible felon because no background check has been done. Your "clients" all have marginal credit at best and a lot have given up.

So why not just take a few hundred of these social security numbers, write the details down at work and sneak them out of the office? Then go out and get one of those insidious high rate $500 credit cards and ring it up, then throw away the card? Buy a tv, stereo, take a short trip. You deserve it, you work hard, make almost no money and get abused all day long.

Because you work for an almost ubiquitous collection agency, when this account is charged off in a year or so, they will buy the debt for pennies on the dollar. Why would they really want to stop you? Other than to make only the most minimal of efforts? They will buy this $500 debt for about $30 and try to sue the "cleint" for $1000. Its a classic win win secnario. You may even get to collect on the debt that you stole the identity on and even get a commission on it. So you get paid to steal identies.

I ended up in the files of a huge collection agency in about 1999 when i just screwed up and defaulted on a small card. I admit it, I messed up and should be made to pay for that card. Then a year later a card mysteriously appeared on my file, then another a few months after that. Both of these two mystery cards were from the collection agencies biggest clients. People use things they know, someone felt comfortable with these cards and decided to throw another 2 on my file. Why wouldnt they? They get paid, the agency makes money, and they get the $500 of free spending money.

I have learned that the agency hires some people from the local courts pre release program. That is a program used to help small time felons ease back into society after serving jail time. I am all for giving people a second chance, but should that chance include being handed thousands of social security numbers, names and addresses?

This scenario happpens thousands of times a day across the country, I guarantee it. Simply put, where is the incentive not to do this? These greedy miserable people at these agencies have done worse.

Any attorneys out there please contact me!!!!!!

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Why not? Just because a pre-release offender has access to your SSI is no cause for alarm. Do you really believe that someone convicted of a DUI or assaulted someone would commit ID theft and would be a candidate for stealing you blind? Did you ever consider that it could be the unknown felons whom could be the biggest potential threat? They're busy at their executive desks in corporate America folks!!

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