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Die Pay Pal Die!!!!

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Does anyone out there have a good fax number to someone in the higher ups at paypal? They have screwed me over and have tried to take money out of my savings account when they were only authorized to deduct from my checking account. I want to give them a chance to fix this problem and refund my money, if not I am going to go talk to a lawyer!!!


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Here's what I got:

PayPal, Inc.

2211 N. First St.

San Jose CA 95131

TEL: 408-967-1000

FAX: 650-864-8001

PRESIDENT: Jeffrey D. (Jeff) Jordan

SVP AND CTO: Scott Thompson


VP, HR AND ADMINISTRATION: Salvatore J. (Sal) Giambanco

VP, FINANCE: Mary M. Hentges

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Here's a couple points from the class action:

(i) experienced or reported to PayPal an unauthorized or incorrect electronic transfer to or from their PayPal account including, without limitation, electronic transfers initiated by (a) the Fund Claimant; (B) PayPal in connection with, among other things, chargebacks, refunds, buyer complaints, PayPal's Seller Protection Policy, Buyer Complaint Process and/or Buyer Protection Policy; or © any third party;

(ii) had access to their PayPal account improperly, incorrectly or erroneously limited or restricted, in whole or in part;

(iii) made a request for information in connection with PayPal's restriction or limitation of the Fund Claimant's PayPal account or regarding an incorrect or unauthorized electronic transfer to which PayPal did not respond at all or did not respond to the Fund Claimant's satisfaction.

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Hey guys,

Thanks alot for the info, it does seem that paypal has been doing some shady sh@. As I do my research on them it appears that they are getting sued left and right. They went into my savings account and tried to take out money when they had no right to. I never registered my savings with them, only checking.

I bet they have done this alot. I called them and spoke to one of thier reps who didn't know jack crap. When I told the rep that paypal tried to get money from my savings account and not my checking she told me that it was my banks fault.

I went down to my bank and spoke to the branch manager and she wrote a letter to paypal on my behalf verfying that paypal did infact present the funds transfer directly to savings instead of checking. The bank was also nice enought to block any further transactions presented by paypal to my savings account.

My wife and I never keep very much money in our savings account because we do all of our business through our checking. Paypal tried six diffrent times to make a funds transfer from the wrong account. Each time paypal did this my bank charged my SAVINGS account a 17.00 dollar returned check fee.

Paypals actions placed a finacial burden on me and my family by doing this. I am giving them a chance to fix the problem and if they don't should I go talk to a lawyer, I think I should but what are the members opinions about what paypal has done to me? Also, is there currently a class action already going on for something similiar or would it be worth pursuing to maybe start my own?

Thanks again.................................

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Hey Blue,

They also just took some money out of my friends acct. It made his rent check bounce ! :shock:

They will not put it back.

Hey workin,

tell us more about your friends problems with paypal. Did they have permission to take the money out or did they do something shady?

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Well, he said that when a retraction occured, they pulled the money out of his checking account. He had the account linked as means as a back up source (when he would buy things).

The whole retraction thing is BS, people who buy on Ebay know exactly how to get things for free (paying with PP). I'm not going to get into it here. But, it's total BS, that this is going on. It's going on because Paypal isn't a bank.

I didn't know they could just dip into someones account.

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