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UPDATE 03/18/2005 razorack

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Ok have some new information that may help others and need advice.

The lawsuit I now have against me as most are aware is being brought against me by Rausch, Sturn, Israel $ Hornick, who claoim that MBNA is the plaintiff. Well I called MBNA and found out yesterday that they have never hired this firm and claim to not have heard of them. They informed me that they sold these debts to Wolfram Abramson.

So why is the CA claiming that MBNA is the plaintiff when there not even involved any longer and this debt was sold to Wlfram Abramson. This is very fishy and I dop not understand how a law firm can put a OC name on a complaint as the plaintiff and they know nothing about it.

I am wondering how I should handle this in court and what issue i should raise. This is obviously their second lie in this complaint.

So the arbitration award was too MBNA and MBNA has sold the debt but CA is claiming that MBNA is the plantiff, seems very fishy to me. So who is really suing me?

any suggestions? anyone?

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