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I think they screwed up.


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I have a 5 year old paid collection on my EQ and EX reports. It is marked as paid. I wanted to get rid of this, so I sent the CA (Collection Bureau of Orlando, CBO) a DV in Feb.

I got a dunning letter for $21 from them for a medical I have no knowledge of and it was dated March 1.

I sent a DV on this new account ( I think it is just to distract me from the first one) they signed for the DV March 7. I have the card and a delivery confirmation from usps.com.

I got another dunning letter today that stated that they have reported the debt to the CRA's. It was mailed March 11.

Both were in a window envelope with the mini-miranda visible through the window. I think I have them. I am going to do another round just to be sure.

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