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Need some solid advice on charge off


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Hi, I have a charge off with the last date of activity 10/2000 its from a cc with a balance of $5,800. the original creiditor sold the account to Sherman Acq. my issue is i have just moved from califorina where the debts SOL had expired it was over 4 years, but i moved to Hawaii and have discovered the SOL is 6 years here. I have not heard from Sherman since about june 2004. I am trying to coast through this until it expires but that is a long time and fear my luck can't be that good and they will attempt to collect when they find out I have moved thus having an additional year and a half to collect.

I have heard nothing but bad things about sherman. If it was a more reputable company I would consider making a 50% settlement offer in exchange from deletion, but I heard Sherman can be very difficult to deal with so I don't want to awaken the lion until I am forced to make a move.

I would like some input about what I should do , just coast and hope for the best, or attempt to settle for deletion and chancing a battle.

Thanks Henry

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