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I kicked esurance @ss on insurance credit scoring

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For those of you that follow my posts (my fans?) you all know about my recent tirade against the insurance industry in general and esurance in particular in regards to insurance credit scoring.

For a refresher, look here:


Well, I filed a complaint with the Dept of Finance and the BBB. I also sent numerous faxes that were ignored. The DoF said they couldnt do anything but forward my complaint to esurance.

My last fax was a copy of my proposed suit against esurance for violating Florida Law. Florida Law states that an insurer cannot raise the premium of a consumer based on credit scoring alone.

Well, they backed down. This is what they told the BBB:

Please be advised that Esurance Insurance Company (Esurance) is in receipt of the above referenced complaint submitted by *dive*. On February 24, 2005, *dive* purchased a new policy with Esurance effective February 25, 2005 in the amount of $985.10. Due to a system defect, a premium adjustment was posted to *dive's* account overnight. Esurance was aware of the defect and in the process of correcting the premium on his policy when *dive* filed a complaint with your agency.

As of March 16, 2005, the premium on *dive*'s policy has been adjusted to reflect the premium at issuance of $985.10. Please note that an adverse decision was not made on *dive*'s policy as the result of factors in his credit report as he has indicated in his complaint. Additionally, Esurance is bound to rate policies as filed with the Florida Department of Financial Services and does not arbitrarily lower rates at the request of a consumer.

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The funny part of this is that they said the adjustment was not made as a result of credit factors, yet that is what they told me in the email and on the phone. I had a lawsuit ready to go.

I also like the part where they said that they just cant arbitrarily lower my rates. I wasn't asking them to lower my rates, I was asking them to charge me what my CONTRACT said they were going to. You know, comply with the law. They do it becasue it works. I wonder how many millions they get every year because of this stunt.

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