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Lawyer's "contract" fee to repair credit?

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Hi Folks,

Just had a quote from a lawyer expert in credit repair here in L.A. He wants a flat fee of $1000 and says he thinks he can successfully dispute 70% of a dozen or so derogatory accounts and raise my score by 50 points within about 4-6 months. All the accounts were included in BK 6.5 years ago, although 5-6 show C.O.s and/or lates beginning at the time BK was filed, when my BK lawyer said to stop CC payments.

Does that seem like a reasonable fee for an L.A. lawyer for the goals promised?

If I had the money to spare, I might go for it. The wrinkle is that nearly all the accounts are estimated to fall off starting in August and into the fall. I might just wait for Father Time to help out and save the dough, but I really want to apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit ASAP to pay taxes.

TIA for any feedback...?

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No one here is going to suggest you do anything of the sort. ESPECIALLY for $1,000. OUCH. :shock:

I raised my OWN score about 100 points in 6 months. And all I had to pay was postage. LOTS of people on this board have had GREAT success. It's not that hard at all...just gotta get in there, read the board to learn, ask questions about things you can't find or don't understand, and do it.


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