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Privacy Guard showing something Transunion Doesn't


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Does it happen very often that something appears on PG that isn't on the CRAs records?

I have a closed mortgage loan (closed in 2000), that suddenly appeared on my PG reports this past week, and dropped my TU score 11 points. The new trade line shows me with 60s/90s during 2004.

I'm trying to just get it fixed, without the 30 day dispute period. I don't want to contact the OC, as I don't want any old negatives to pop back up from 5 years ago.

I contacted TU, and they said that they don't show this negative 2004 line.

What's up?

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At all 3 CRAs a CA listed


"SC addy"


owes.....$250 for medical.

Since the SSN didn't match mine, it did not show up on MY bureau at any of the 3 CRAs - HOWEVER, it was being picked up by MyFico and MCK and PG!

They deleted SC addy to stop the "linking" of the 2 "momof5"s.

Later, it reappeared on TU. They deleted it off the other momof5 report so it wouldn't show on mine! :shock::shock:


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Yuck! It never ends!

Hey, how would you go about removing a collection/chargeoff, when the collection was done in-house. i.e. Discover Card. or, I have a case where I have a 3 year prepaid ford lease, which is perfect, but then the collection is listed separately, out of a differenct ford office? (we disputed final charges due at the end, and the sent me to collections).

Thanks for the help!

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