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Letter to Plains Commerce


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I'm getting ready to write another letter to PC (my last letter basically told them they were reporting inaccurately and that the account was paid off last year). Their idea of reporting accurately was to change the DOLA from June or July of '02 to March of '04, reported that DH is even further behind on his payments, obviously didn't report that the account is paid and they are not reporting the account as disputed.

Should I list all their violations for them or should I just say something to the effect of "you have engaged in a number of violations according to FCRA...."? Should I also tell them that their incorrect reporting may cost me substantial monetary damages if the problem isn't corrected immediately? We are going for a house loan soon and this incorrect reporting (which is the only bad thing on his report) may cause us to be bumped to a higher interest rate. I'm a little wary of telling them we are going for a loan because god only knows how they might try to fix the reporting to even further damage his credit but I want them to be aware that their actions will cause definate damages.

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