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need some input on a couple of last items


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Hi Everyone,

I've got a couple of items left on my credit report, and I'm not sure if they need addressing or not. Perhaps you will allow me benefit from your expertise?

1st: I have one 30 day late payment recorded on an account that is otherwise in perfect standing. I was infact late here, but it was due to a bit of a mixup--my CC statement didn't make it to me one month, and the CA recorded my payment late by a couple days the next month. (BTW, I got a late fee for this which my CA reversed because my bank showed the payment as having posted before it was "late".)

2nd: I have 1-3 inquiries on each of my reports. Most of them are from companies that I applied for and was given credit from. Do I challenge these? One is unauthorized, and I have already challenged this on the basis of fraud.

3rd: I have 1-5 accounts listed in the satisfactory accounts section of my report that I'm not sure what to do about.

Accounts 1 & 2 are old student loans accounts that were sold/transferred to the same lender--these accounts were never delinquent and were paid in full after they were sold/transferred. I wonder about these because the accounts are in effect reported twice and because the 2 old accounts list me as being "too new to rate".

Account 3 is an old Fleet CC account which lists the current status as Pays As Agreed, shows a $0 balance, $0 as being past due, and a $0 charge off amount. The possible negatives I see here is that it is listed as having been Transferred/Sold and reports the account has no 81 month payment history available.

Accounts 4 & 5 are old Mervyns and Victoria's Secret CC accounts. They both show the status as being Paid As Agreed, $0 balance, $0 past due, and $0 charge off. Both show me having a good payment history through Jan 2005 and Aug. 2004. What puzzles me here is that VS lists the account as having been closed by me (which I don't remember doing) and reports the date of last activity as May 2001 (which I can't even begin to understand, since the last time I would have used the account would have been at least 7 years ago). Apparently the Mervyns account is still open, so I guess I never closed it.

So, do you have any expertise that I can glean from? Am I worrying over nothing here?

Thanks in advance!

Vanessa, who has done her 7 years and just wants to be done with all this ;)

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