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Need Advice for Scheduling Conference.....EEK

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Ok....I have to meet with the judge and the Plaintiff's attorney this Thursday.

How should I...or should I?....go about bringing up all the stuff that the attorney hasn't done?

For instance, they still never answerd my counterclaims (which were due at the end of December!!!!). They haven't answered Discovery, even after me writing them a letter asking them to please answer it. They didn't answer my request for a Meet & Confer. They ignore every single letter/fax I send them.

This and they're having a lawyer who hasn't filed an Entry of Appearance show up at the Conference in their place (which I'll bring up when the time comes...muuhahah).

So....without sounding like a whiney tattle-tale, how do I say "MR. JUDGE, MAKE THEM ANSWER ME!!!"?? :?

4 days and counting. WOOT! :D

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You don't sweetie. you go in there just like you are a seasoned lawyer and you ask the judge to make them answer you. You tell the judge that you have followed OK trial procedure and that they need to do so as well.

Don't let them think you are intimidated by them. You need to go in and when the judge starts asking questions.. which I am sure that he will.. you go right after them

If they dont show up.. you need to tell the judge that you would like them sanctioned and then you write your Motion for Summary Judgment.

At least that is what I would do.

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Ok. Thanks. I'm just freaking out thinking I did something wrong along the line. I still think they should have granted my Motion for Default since they NEVER answered my counterclaims. :dunno: Ugh. If this was the other way around, they would have gotten Default on me in a heartbeat.

I'm going to print out everything, including the pertinent laws, buy a new, professional-looking outfit, look in the mirror and tell myself "you're awsome", and start in on the MSJ again.

:Director: :Director: :Director: :Director: :Director: :Director: :Director: :Director: :Director: :Director: :Director: :Director:


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I can put my power suit on and go with you if you like. I'll keep my mouth shut I promise, I'll also bring smelling salts 8)

I'll take up a collection for your contempt of court bail..... 8-)

Play the helpless victim, Chasey... :)

You'll do fine.... :goodluck:

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I can put my power suit on and go with you if you like. I'll keep my mouth shut I promise, I'll also bring smelling salts 8)

You can go to my next one...assuming there is one. :lol: I don't know what they'd think about someone coming with me for just a Scheduling Conference. lol

However, I would like some hand-holding afterward when they have me out in the hallway or trapped in the elevator to discuss a settlement. :shock: I still have NO clue what to say to that.

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Chase I tell you what you say.

You tell them that they ONLY way you will settle ANYTHING with them is if they put the following in writing in the agreement.

All tradelines deleted from any bureau

No selling this debt again to someone else

no 1099 issued on the account

and a 10,000 check to you for that amount.

I would not settle for anything less.

The more you look like you know what you are doing, the more idiotic they are going to look like.

If they ask about dismissal you tell them that the terms you gave them above must be met or you will not give them a dismissal and you will had everything over to an attorney to handle in a Federal Case against them

Tee hee

Honestly though... I bet you 100 bucks they dont show for this meet and confer.


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