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HELP What CRA does Patelco pull?? DCU?? PLUS MY STORY!!!

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I Live in PA and I was reading thru the posts and I want to apply for auto loan thru Patelco and DCU. My FICO scores are:




Obviously my TU is the best. Former BK Ch.7(discharged 11/01) However I have had the BK removed form equifax and transunion...I am a homeownwer with 9 months in the property and 4 months new job(previous job 4 years-loan officer) TU has 3 negs( a chargeoff and 2 Inculded in BK) EQX has 2 negs(a chargeoff and 1 Incuded in BK)

Can anyone help or guide me in the right direction. Looking for good auto financing--hoping for blank check auto loan!!!

Thanks,, I really love this site!!


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