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Should CA delete TL that was reported to CRA's ..


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As I continue to go over items in my reports noticed a collection account that was reported to the CRA before I received 1st letter from collection agency. They also did an iquiry before they sent out the letter. Is this right? The letter is dated September of 2003 and the collection account is shown on 2 of the credit reports as reported as of August of 2003? The inquiry is also shown August of 2003. How could I have validated if they reported to the CRA's before I even received their letter?

Can I use this to go to collection agency and demand they delete all their info off of all my reports? In one report the account is shown opened in Agust of 2003 (as collection account) but shows reported as of June of 2003? this is so confusing! Who should I dispute this with? CRA's or Collection Agency? I still have this letter the is their initial contact with me so I can mail them a copy and show them the date of Sept 2003. Suggestions please?

Thanks! :p

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