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anyone heard of HILCO receivables

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Back in Nov I recvd a ca letter from IC SYSTEMS for a Providian acct.

I sent a dv and they sent a letter head with nothing on it from Providian

I sent a follow up to their letter saying this was not validation and asked them to DV again.

That was mid Jan

I didn't hear anything again on that acct until today.

Recvd a letter from a Philips& Cohen Assoc LTD

here in NJ wher I live

they say client is HILCO RECEVABLES LLC

original creditor Providian.

I'm a little confused they don't indicate they are attnys so why would one CA Phillips collect for another CA Hilco

If anyone can enlighten me I would appreciate it. After working on a couple of these at a time things start to blur together.

I will certainly DV these people tom.

Your responses will be appreciated.

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I ran across Hilco Receivables when I was browsing on pennlawyer.com. If you go down to the section on Validation of Debts, you'll see that they are scumbags. Have you received anything from Lake Cook Partners, MRS Associates, or Creditor's Interchange? They are all connected to one another. Perhaps you can contact Mr. Rubin for some more information or advice on this. He has a lot of great information on his website too. Hope this helps.


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