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OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Experian Says Court Order Isn't Authentic!!!!


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As I've mentioned before, I have vacated three judgments. EQ and TU removed them once I got to the Special Handling area. experian's "special handlers" had me overnight the orders TWICE.

The first time, Experian claims that the court told them that the judgment should stay on my report. (which we know is bunk).

The second time, the "Special Handler" reviewed my documents, and indicated that since they didn't have some (fancy) seal on them, that they must not be authentic.

As anyone familiar with court proceedings knows, Court Orders are drafted by either the plaintiff/defendant, and it would be very unusual for one to be on court letterhead. The court does stamp an original as a TRUE COPY, and also stamps on the judge's signature.

Experian has told me that they have contacted the court directly, and that they are certain that the court will write them back. I told her that if she means that they contacted a third party agency (ie lexis/innovis), it will probably come back the same as the first time. She insists that THE COURT will respond to their request directly.

I am also fearful that if the court does somehow verify the vacation of the judgment, that the particulars of the judgment will not be spelled out to Experian, (ie remove all delinquency from trade line, remove all collection acitivity), not simply removal of the judgment.


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