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HOW straight forward is mine? *CA won't WRITE a thing*


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I am in CA, and dealing with AMEX & NCO.

I was told PAY in full amount by some date and there will be no report to credit bureaus and I get my cc back (who cares about the latter)

Well I don't have the money, unemployed AND thought a check that was SEND to AMEX would arrive (bank never received the cancelled check)

Well the 1st CA got defensive when I started asking for her name, fax# & address...

so I get a 2nd CA and he offers me to pay half and 1000 installments BUT it would be reported to the CBs...

OR pay it in full and I get to keep by CLEAN credit history...

BUT he won't put anything in writing that IF I pay in full that I NOTHING will be reported... he tells me the odds are 1:100 the it gets reported, and I told him well THAT does me no good, I HAVE to search for the money and MAY still get reported with an R9.

Should I:

1) Validate to find out WHO to deal with (AMEX or the NCO)

2) PAY in full and HOPE for the best

3) Best way to send payment...

I barely received my 'statement' from the CA a week after they 1st contacted me...

ANy advice would be great... I was referred from some other board, that was very unsympathetic... eh if my situation is STRAIGHTforward, K let me know... and tell me to just pay...


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