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Someone please help with a**hole judge-questions.

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I just wanted to know how to help my EW whose judge just decided against her. She used the SOL defense and wants to appeal, but she's not sure if it is worth her time. She didn't know everything about SOL, so I'm trying the best I can to explain and make it simple for her from another state.

Instead of writing everything again, I figured everyone could look there and post a response. I know some board admins don't like cross posting.

If/when she appeal, should she include state statues as exibits as well as a motion to dismiss for violation of FDCPA?

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I can't remember exactly, but I believe I posted this a few hours later and before I got a response. I thought this would give some other info based on forum topic.

My previous response was in reference to your post this morning. I was satisfied with that answer. If other questions come up, I will post.

Then again, can she file for a motion dismiss based on FDCPA violations?

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