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HELP! Just found out Discover Re-Aged!!!!!


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Okay Help! Discover is trying to screw me. This account as of 2/17/05

was set to fall of in April 2005. All the sudden I get a new report that

says it's due to fall off 01/2012. Is this Kosher??? Can they do that just

because ???

This is the kicker. Transunion is reporting 2 Discover card accounts, one

that's mine and matches the account number the other CRAs are

reporting. Well This one that just re-aged, isn't even my account. It does

not have the same acct number as the Discover acct. on the other to


So, what should I do first? Dispute it's not mine, and if that fails address

the re-aging? Or address it all at once. This one is kicking my butt as

according to MyCreditkeeper it has a moderate affect, vs. the other one that has a low effect.

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