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Non PP pull Q

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Ok, here's a problem. I have a real estate deal I closed over the summer. I saw an inq later in January on my credit report, hard inq mind you.

A mortgage credit reporting agency-A pulled the inq, but it was for a third party-B that does quality control for the company-C that actually originated the loan.

After running down the third party company's number, they said that I signed a document saying they could verify info on the mortgage app up to the loan closes or as part of a quality control deal.

Indeed, I did sign, but the form only talks about allowing them to verify info up to the loan closing or as part of quality control.

They are trying to say that I gave my permission for them to run a hard inq on my credit by signing this, but no place on the form does it say anything about a credit report.

Non PP??

No place on the doc does it say anything about a credit report, and I think at a minimum it should be coded as an account review, although the company doing the quality control has nothing to do with the actuall account, originating the loan, etc...


They can't claim legitimate business need. They can't claim extension of credit, although that is how they are reporting it. They are saying it has to report that way and there is nothing they can do, and such...

They may try to cling to me giving my written permission, but someone please explain how I am supposed to know quality control mean hard inq?

I'll get the exact wording in a few days. Seems that the company requesting the inq would be at fault, not the mortgage reporting company that requested it.

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Having dealt with a lot of Non PP cases I think you are on the right track here. Explain to me what quality control has to do with you looking at my report and saying tha ti am applying for credit.

I think they need to either A.. recode it as a soft and remove it or

B.. pay up cause in my opinion they do not have PP. The form you signed must state that they can pull your report.. not that they can get info on the account.

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