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We closed today!!!!! If I can, you can


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Well, today is the today DH and I officially became homeowners.

Everything went as planned. The lender funded early this morning and it got recorded in the afternoon.

I thought I would not be able to ever own a home this soon. I filed CH 7 in 9/02. Discharged 12/02. Even after my bk I was still messin up. 9 30 day lates on one of my car payments and 6 30 day lates our other car. I haven't been late since 10/04. I had so many collections on my report it was a shame. I got all of them deleted from EQ and TU after I paid them. But EX still has 2 paid collections. When I first started cleaning up my reports in December, my scores were terrible. Although they still are not that good, they were enough to get me in the house of my dreams. DH had 2 repo balances and 1 collection. 1 of the repos got removed off of EX and TU, and the collection got removed as well. I did all this in 2 and a half months. I admit I took alot of short cuts and didn't follow the "rules" but it got me where I wanted to be.

Our loan went smoothly and we closed fast! I never had to show any bk papers, write any letters, or do any of those kind of "explanation" things. I gave one online bankstatement that didn't even say my name on it and other one right before closing. They didn't run our credit before closing. We owed the IRS too.

We got an 80/20 loan 6.5 ARM/11.125 FRM, both 2 year prepay penalty. But more than that, I got the home of my dreams.

So, if anyone is wondering about if they can get a house or not, trust me, if I can you can.

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