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SOL to bring legal action

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Just found this in the new version of the FCRA, and thought I should share:

§ 618. Jurisdiction of courts; limitation of actions [15 U.S.C. § 1681p]

An action to enforce any liability created under this title may be brought in any appropriate United States district court, without regard to the amount in controversy, or in any other court of competent jurisdiction, not later than the earlier of (1) 2 years after the date of discovery by the plaintiff of the violation that is the basis for such liability; or (2) 5 years after the date on which the violation that is the basis for such liability occurs.

Apparently, the Supreme Court decision of 2 years statute of limitation from the time the violation occured is no longer valid! Yahoo!

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Yeah. The Supreme court ruled by the letter of the law, not the spirit of what Congress intended...so Congress clarified it so there is no longer a question if the two year clock starts with the discovery of the problem or the actual commitment of the violation.

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