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Settlement terms????

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Can anyone give me any links to identity theft/credit fraud cases that have gone to court and been settled by court judgement, or at least quote the terms of the settlement.

I need the information because I need to see what might be considered reasonable terms of settlement for the defendant in an identity theft/credit fraud case

I guess I must be rather straigtforward about what is going on. I am the plaintiff in a district court case, and the defendant has drafted a settlement proposal (this is not the first) that is completely self-serving and gives complete protection and immunity to the defendant and more associates and corporately linked named and unnamed entities than anyone can possibly imagine, while stripping me of any and all rights. And my attorney simply rubber-stamps anything the defendant shoves at him, and expects me to sign it. So it is clear that I need some references so I can see what a court would consider reasonable at trial.

I apppreciate any information anyone can provide.

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WIthout seeing it, I can't help you with this or tell you whether it's really as bad as it seems. I know I've got a settlement template I use with all people I've sued/have sued on behalf of Chickie/have helped others sue that Defendants typically like but still gives protections to the consumers, but it may not work for your situation.

Though that does remind me I've gotta forward all these templates I have to Kristy for that book..

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