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Must arrange by phone!?


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I finally got a response back from Capital One regarding the settlement offer I sent them.

Dear Lord Butler (my husband's account):

While we appreciate your desire to settle this account via correspondence, please be advised in order to accept or arrange a settlement offer, we ask that you contact us by telephone at 1-800-477-0777.


L Booker

Capital One Financial Services

Are they serious? Where should I go from here?


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My suggestion would be to either get a phone recording device or look up Recovering Attorney's web based recording service and call them. Begin the conversation with "I am recording this conversation, what did you want to discuss". If it becomes abusive or intimidating or if they say "we can't talk to you, this is your DHs matter" say, "okay, I tried...all further contact should be in writing and hang up".

I'm assuming this is the OC....and therefore the FDCPA doesn't apply, so they can be much more difficult to deal with...but you still don't need to take their abuse...

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