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ok...so i applied for household trio... GM/CORVETTE/UNION PLUS

after i submitted each application i received a phone call listed as unavailable, so i answered it and it was a recording saying this a courtesy call to validate the phone number???? I'M LIKE WHAT THE HECK...DOES THIS MEAN I'M APPROVED!!

I didn't get an instant approval... I didn't get an instant denial... I got your application is being processed and you will receive an email with 7 days???

has anyone else had this situation????? not sure if an inquiry was pulled or not!!!!

Thanks, Chris

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when I applied for my Household MC, they did the same thing to me... I was applying online, so I got the instant approval notice, but I think they just want to make sure you gave them a valid phone number first. it doesn't matter whose phone it is, just as long as someone answers.

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