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Newbie questions


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Hello Everyone,

I have purchased and read the "Good Credit is Sexy" Book and done a reasonable amount of "lurking" around these posts.

(All of you are right, reading this stuff is hypnotic and addictive.)

I just pulled my first free credit reports and need some advice.

1. I didn't get a FAKO score and am wondering what is the best method of ordering and paying for the credit reports with scores on them.

SPECIFICALLY: What online source can I use that is safe and won't ask me to give them alot new information like where I work and how much I make etc. (I saw some of these type of questions on the EX, TU and EQ website order forms.)

ALSO: I have "2 dings" on my reports, should I get rid of the "dings" before I order reports with scores on them?

2. (Ding number 1) I have $10.00 NCO Financial collection account for my current phone company (Verizon- Bell Atlantic) dated 1999 which I believe is an error since I have had the same phone service at my home for the last 13 years.

FIRST: I saw here that I am supposed to DV and Dispute this item with both Credit Reporting agencies that listed it. This sounds illogical since a DV would supposedly remove this item.

SECOND: How much difficulty is this item going to be since I have never received and collection letters or anything from NCO. (Are they going to claim that they don't have to DV since (they will falsly claim) they sent me something back in 1999?

3. (Ding number 2) I have a old charge off from Fleet Bank that I paid-in-full with NCO Financial back in 2000. The NCO Finanacial paid account doesn't appear on any credit reports.

Do I dispute this with all threr CRA's at the same time? won't this raise a red flag at Fleet (now Bank of America) so that they will re-list re-affirm the debt ?

4. ARE THESE IMPORTANT to attack immediately - I have a large amount of lesser errors in my Credit reports, (for instance, Credit Pulls from Banks/mortgage companies, that say I have an ongoinig relationship with them that I have never heard of; 2- 1X30's on my mortage that are incorrect, a bunch of satisfactory closed accounts that say "credit account closed by Grantor" when in reality I closed the accounts year ago.

I have read numerous places that you don't go after everything on your credit reports at once because the CRA's will think you are doing a wholesale credit repair job and or their reps will not understand all your disputed items or they will not not want to bother reading to the end of your letter etc...

Thank you for what you guys do, I think this is the greatest consumer service in the entire US.:!:

Best Wishes,



Resistance is futile... the Borg will assimilate you... Resistance is futile...

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I can't answer your questions about FAKO, but...

IMHO, I would dispute both of your dings with the appropriate CRA's as "not mine" and see what happens. What's supposed to happen is the CRAs contact NCO and as for verification. If NCO doesn't verify, then they get removed from your reports. If NCO does verify, then you hit them with a DV letter...

Good luck, and welcome!

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