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I really need some help!


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In August of 2003, my husband and I bought a car from Drivetime. It was a serious lemon (the engine needed to be replaced in july of 2004) so now it is on my credit. I have done so well removing all this junk off of my credit reports. This is one of the things that is in the way of me getting my scores up. I have tried to dispute it but the CA is on top of it and every time I dispute it, I get a call from the collection agency. It's 9000 dollars and I am not going to settle with them because the car was really a piece of junk.

Also, I have another car on my credit reports- and yes this one was my fault. Its from ford motor credit and on TU its reported as a zero balance and on EQ the balance is 5547. I tried disputing that one as well to no avail.They repo'd the car in November of 2000. That means another 2 years before it drops off?!

I would really like to buy a house and get a car and this debt is interfering with this.

Could someone please, please help me? I'm desperate!!!! I feel like I have run out of options.

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