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Questions about SOL and Bank accounts


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I am in California. 5 years ago my Bank of America account was closed due to insufficient funds. The debt was about $250.00, and I never paid it. I have not been able to have a bank account since then.

It has been awhile since I have heard from a CA for this account. I just assumed it had reached it's SOL, and they had given up. But then yesterday I get a collection letter from Arrow with a "Settlement Offer" amount of about 50%.

My questions are:

1. Shouldn't this have reached the SOL for California already?

2. Or are bank accounts considered a different type of debt and exempt from SOL?

3. Is Arrow breaking any laws by sending me this letter?

4. What should I do about this?

Thanks guys. Jeff

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SOL in CA is 4 years for ALL types of debts, so yes, its beyond the SOL.

Send Arrow a cease and desist telling them to get lost, the debt is time-barred per CA statute.

Its not illegal in CA for them to try to collect on an SOL debt, but it IS illegal for them to SUE you for it.

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I sincerely appreciate your invaluable knowledge and guidance. Until I found this forum I was lost in a sea of assumptions and hopelessness.

Now that i'm traveling on the road to recovery and repair, it feels as if a huge weight is being slowly lifted off my shoulders.

I have felt like I was living in a hole for a long time. But with the help of you and others here, it's as if a rope has been lowered, generously offering me a way to climb out.

Thank you so much for your kind assistance.


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