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Utilization Question....Please help


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If I get my cc account balances below 30% or even 10% utilization,

How much can I expect my score to go up.

I'm currently @ about 50% utilization.

Also, how long after I pay down my cards will I see a changein my Fico score?


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I reduced my total debt from 90% of my limits to 55% of my limits in the last three months, through much hard work -- only to find that my score dropped from 695 to 680 per Equifax.

I don't get it -- there are NO other changes in my credit report -- just the drop in limit to credit balances.

I did not close any accounts or apply for new credit -- nothing except pay down my debt. I had no negative items on my account except one 30 day late that happened four years ago due to a move and an undelivered bill.

I'm bummed out, and I REALLY don't get it.

Any advice or insight welcomed.


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