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Certified Mail to PO Boxes?

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I am disputing items on my credit report and have read in past posts that you can send CMRRR to the PO Boxes, however, does anyone have any "real" addresses for the three? I called and asked for the overnight mail address and was told in all three cases that there was no "overnight mail" address and I had to send any correspondence to the PO Box. Anyone have any different info?

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I hope this helps I spent some time and I have finally collected the big 3's physical addresses.


2 Baldwin Place

Crum Lynne, PA 19022

CSC Credit Services

652 Sam Houston Parkway East

Houston, TX 77060


701 Experian Parkway

Allen, TX 75013

I hope this helps when you send CMRRR.s. I sent out green cards to these addresses at the start of March and got all of my green cards back.

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