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Just a confidence booster to the newbies...


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I already posted on AoC about it but I felt I should pass it on just for the newbies who feel at their wits end or are starting their journey. I started out 2 months ago repairing my credit. Im relentless btw. I disputed online every nasty on my reports and got plenty of deletions. After I got serious recently and started turning to legal action, I am proud to report that I pulled my actual FICOs tonite (www.myfico.com). Here are the results:

It also goes to show how PG FAKOs and real FICOs differ. BTW, get rid of inquiries in any way you can!

PG TU FAKO shows as 637. MyFico says 705!

PG EFX shows as 605. MyFico says 623!

PG EXP shows as 637. I cant pull MyFico b/c of preliminary fraud alert but I imagine its around the same as TU.

WOW! Thats crazy and such a pleasant surprise!

It also occurred to me that this really shows how CA/JDB listings can totally screw your scores. My a$$&t line in EFX has the standard reporting of Open 120 late, etc. On TU they are listed simply as collection account from many years ago.

I hate to say it but for a moment I considered just taking a deletion in exchange for dropping my fed suit against them. Please feel free to brow beat me.

Don't worry, I am still going after a$$&t 8-)

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