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RJM finally responded to my DV - what do i do now?


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I sent a DV to RJM in January - they signed the green card on 1/20/05. They never sent me anything- then verified TWICE with TU. I sent another letter stating that they were in violation by verifying with TU before sending me anything. They signed for that letter on 3/21/05.

THen i get a letter from them on the 1st of April. The envelope does have their name typed on the outside - not sure if thats a violation or not????

Their response was a lame letter that stated they bought the acct from from ComuCredit on 1/25/03. Then they go on to tell me that this is for a Fingerhut account that was opened in 11-98.

But RJM has this listed with TU as a collection date of 5/03 so its not due to fall off on its on until 2009.

What should i do from here?

Thank you so much!


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