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Exemptions in a BK

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Does anyone have any information on what type of settlements are exempt in a bankruptcy? My husband won a settlement back in Oct. and got it for emotional distress and damages, I was also named on the lawsuit....the problem is, he recently found out about my CC debt after I was served by the sheriff, with a lawsuit from Citibank. Not understanding all the legal stuff, unti I found this board, I did not respond in time to the summons, and I'm guessing a judgement was granted? I never received anything with information on this, until I received (in the mail) paperwork for discovery, and in that there was mention of aide to a judgement. Anyways, to make a long story short....I am considering filing BK on my own, since all the CC is mine and mine alone, but I don't know if the settlement money will be considered exempt, since we received it for emotional distress and not lost wages.....I live in Texas....


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