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Cap One Charge off w/balance due?


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Ok folks I need your help with this Cap One bank listing. There is a lot wrong with it like the date of 1st reptd deliquency 3 years after date of last activity and other stuff. Can you please lend me your expertise and tell me what to dispute etc... and possible get them to remove this inaccurate listing.

I refuse to settle this because I had a $200 secuirty depoist that they won't apply towards my balance like I had asked them. They also refuse to provide me proof that they had applied it as they say they have.

Also just out of curiousity how much damage is this doing to my score?


CSC Listing:

Acct # 41217****

Date Opened: 5/99

High Credit: $456

Item as of date Reported: 1/2005

Balance Amount: $341

Date of last payment: 8/2000

Date of last activity: 4/2000

Date Maj. Del 1st Reported: 11/2003

Current status: Charge off

Acct History w/Status Codes: 9/2000:4, 7/2000:4, 6/2000:3, 5/2000:2, 4/2000:1, 1/2000:1, 9/99:1

Experian Listing:

Acct #: 41217*****

Status: Acct Charged Off/Past Due 180 days. $588 Written Off. $341 Past Due as of 1/2005

Status Details: This item was verified and updated on 1/02

date opened 5/99

Reported since: 5/99

High Balance: $537

Date of Status: 12/2000

Monthly payment: $0

Recent Balance: $341 as of 1/2005

Last Reported: 1/2005

Recent payment: $0

Account History: Charge off as of 11/04 to 1/05, 11/03 to 11/04, 4/03, 11/02, 10/02, 8/02, 7/02, 2/02, 7/01, 6/01, 3/01, 2/01, 11/2000

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