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Could Patelco help with refi????

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I need to refinance my auto loan and have been doing a lot of reading about Patelco on this board. They sound great but I thought I would ask a few questions before I apply.

First of all, I filed BK in 2003. It was discharged in 12/03. 10 months after filing, I started a new job and went from $25,230/ year to $41,808/ year. My total household income is now $83,658/ year. My EX FICO as of today is 611. Not quite sure what my DH’s is but it should be pretty close. I have a collection account that was just paid in full a few weeks ago. It hasn’t shown up as paid yet. I also paid down all of my CC’s to around 20% utilization. These also are not shown on my reports yet. The only other negative things on my report are all from the BK. Sine the BK I have paid everything on time.

My current rate on my auto is 16.95% for 6 years. My payments are $585 and I really need to get it down a bit.

Do you think that I will have any luck with Patelco? Should I wait a few more weeks until my reports are updated? There are also a few things on my report that I am in the process of disputing. I have like 1 or 2 accounts that are saying past due when actually they were IIB.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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