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Settlement Negotiations


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My DH has two Dept. Store Accounts that have been charged off. He contacted the OC who indicated a willingness to settle but told him they would only report as PAID-Collections/Settled. I then sent them settlement agreements stating we would pay the settled amount, but that we required them to report PAID-As Agreed upon receipt of payment. It has been over 30 days and I have not received a response. I am planning to send a second attempt letter to settle the debt. If again I get no response, what options do I have? The accounts will be removed in 06/2007 if I do nothing, but I really want to get them removed NOW! Any advice???


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At this point, they delete in 57 days.

Otherwise, here is how it goes:

You write another letter today, offer pay for delete. They get it Friday. 4 days gone.

Weekend goes by, they mail reply, IF they accept, you get it Thursday. 10 days gone.

You sign agreement, mail check. They get it the following Wednesday. 16.

They post, wait for check to clear, etc. Quickest now is 21 days.

They request delete, depending on how they do it, up to 30 more days- now you are at 51 days.

You just paid to delete 6 days early.

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