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Bureau Of Collections - anyone know anything on them?


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These slimeballs continue to call me (sometimes up to 8 times a day- if no one answers)I have told them 7 times now to send me a statement , as I have not revcieved ANYthing from them. I dont have their address to validate, and when I asked him for it again today , he refused to give it to me. can anyone help me track them down so I can atleast get them to quit calling me constantly?

Heres What I have gotten

Burea of collections

Seattle Wa

here is the number they give to call them

1-800-831-7311 (just rings and rings)

here is the number that shows up on the caller id 206-415-8648 (just rings and rings)

thanks in advance for any help you can give

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Are they really based in seattle? Phone numbers do not mean much with porting...eg I can live in NY and still have a california ph # ..google the phone numbers, and reverse lookup them..this what I found


Their Website is www.bureauofcollection.com.

Advanced in its use of technology, such as Avaya's "Mosaix" Predictive Dialing System, BCR is especially known as the birthplace of the UniversalSystems Accelerator, a patented method of vastly increasing penetration while reducing costs when using a predictive dialer.

Marty Sarim can be reached by email at MSarim@BureauofCollection.com or by telephone on 1-800-831-7311 ext. 1110.

Doug Smyth can be reached by email at DSmyth@BureauofCollection.com or by telephone on 1-800-831-7311 ext. 1159.

Bureau of Collection Recovery

7575 Corporate Way

Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2022

General Information

Principal: Mr Joel Lewis, President

Customer Contact: Tricia Olson, Contact Person

Phone Number: (952) 931-9855

Fax Number: (952) 259-1191

Membership Status: This company is not a member.

Type-of-Business Classification: Collection Agencies

Customer Experience

This company has been the subject of complaints to the Better Business Bureau. Some complaints are concerning harrasing telephone calls at the consumers place of work and home. Other customers claim the company's calls have continue after a settlement agreement has been made. Still other customers claim the company occasionally contacts the wrong person for debt collections. The Bureau of Collection Recovery has been responsive to any complaints brought to its attention by the Bureau. Most consumers seem to be satisfied with the company response.

Additional Information

Additional Doing-Business-As Names:


Additional Addresses:

PO Box 9001 , Minnetonka, MN 55345-

Additional Phone Numbers:





Additional TOB Classifications:

Not Elsewhere Classified

Credit Unions

Company Management

Additional company management personnel include:

Mr. Blake Rice - President

Mr. Dave Winter - Supervisor

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