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Dispute with CRA?

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hello everyone.

i got my ch 7 discharge last april in 2004. I looked at my credit report today and i see that I have derogatory conditions on most accounts, allof which were included in ch 7. Then I got one CB&T stoll derogatory, last reported in Jan 2005 :evil: to be in collections in Experian. Pay statuses state Collection/chargeoff. In the remarks most say included in bankruptsy, but shouldn't status be Closed or paid or something like that?

Equifax is reporting dir merch bank card still open. Are they retarded?

Should I dispute with CRAs now? Do I need to contact any of the old creditors? What do I tell to CRAs, have them delete all the wrong info bc I got ch 7? Thanks for your help guys.

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I always start off by disputing accounts as "not mine" because once you start disputing other reasons, it is kind of hard to go back and dispute not mine. See what kind of results that gets ya and then go back and dispute inaccurate info such as "included in BK" "incorrect DOLA" "Incorrect high balance" Incorrect dates, etc... Good luck.

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