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Starting my journey to credit repair. ( Advice needed)


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I am now going to start the process of self credit repair. I have 2 of the 3 credit reports. I am still waiting for the one from Equifax. I have one judgement for an auto loan. The judgement was in a court in Virginia and I live in WV. I didnt live in Virginia for 7 months when the judgement was made. I was never served the papers and didnt know about the judgement until I received my credit report. The judgement was made in December of 2002. Is there any hope or chance of my being able to remove this? The rest of my credit report has a lot of collection agencies. So my question to all you guys is this. Where do I start ? :?: I am a little overwhelmed with this but I am going to stick with this and I am determined to clean up my credit. What advice can you guys give a newbie. I appreciate any help you guys can give me, even if its just a word of encouragement!!


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Welcome to the illustrious world of credit repair. To your first question about the judgment issues, good timing. look here;


As far as collections, I suggest the following;

Order a report from each company, you can get a free report from Experian here


this will allow you to begin an online dispute process at their website.

Order a TransUnion report here


Do not order from Truecredit, it contains no report or file number. or disregard ordering if your holding a current report from Trans.

Dispute online with TU here


And order a report from Equifax. at their site. or wait for it, you should order the report online because it will allow you to use their online dispute process as well, it may work with a confirmation number for a mail ordered report as well.


Not to accidentally dispute an item with the wrong reporting company because it may be added as a result of the mistake. In other words not all reports contain identical information so make sure that if something is on your TransUnion file you dispute it with TransUnion only and not one of the other 2 reporting companies.

Suggestions for disputing are, its probably best not to dispute everything at one time, this can appear to be frivolous, if you have 3 collections dispute 1 or 2, then wait, and see what happens then dispute the last one after the results of the first dispute. A lot of people post success with disputing as not mine.

G/L & welcome again. Your in the right place.

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Welcome ! :)++ Other words of wisdom...

Read, Read, Read, Read some more, Use the search function and ask questions. Then keep reading. THEN start the process. The more knowledge you have when you start the better. Then, once you do get in there... be persistant, keep excellent records of EVERYTHING and just hang in there....

You will do great! :) Again, welcome! :) -Jenn

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