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what's my next move


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Hi, I recently disputed a paid charge off from dell fin. that the trade line originally read ******Charge off*** and they verifed and now reports******paid, Charge off****

Am i stuck or should i try another angle with disupting? I think Dell is pretty savvy when it comes to reponding to CRA'a they verified to all 3 agencies. as far as DV the original contact was online so I don't know how that works.

thanks in advance

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TU 583 EX608 Eq 636

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thanks for the info, i disputed ex with not my account and TU & EQ with paid never late, in hind sight I should have used not mine/unknown account with them all, that would have given me another shot with all of them.

So i guess i will wait a couple of months and try again. What would be my best chance to redispute it with?

one of my concerns is that Ex verifed in just a couple of days and made the tradeline paid, charge off from just charge off.

Thanks in advance.

----TU 583 FICO'S 4/1/05

----EX 608

----EQ 636

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