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If 2nd DV letter fails, should I go the IIB route?


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I'm in the process of DVing a debt that came back verified with the CRAs.

The debt truly is not mine, but appears someone may have used my

SSN to get service w/ aCalifornia Utility Co.

First time around all they supplied me with was an address and a serivce

date. Yeah, that was some rock solid proof there.

Second letter I just sent was a little more aggressive. But if they can

supply copies of statements and useage and such, and somehow "prove"

it's my debt, then what? I filed a no asset BK7 in 2003 that should include

this since it went to the current CA in 2002. Should I then go at them

with a Remove or else IIB letter?


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Not to pull a make sound easy, but if it were me in your shoes, I would send an ITS, instead of a IIB, and seriously consider filing against them in small claims for some duckets. It's not your debt, its not owed by you, take them to court and show a judge, you get an easy $1 K for the FDCPA, violations.

Some people may say other wise but if what your saying is correct and your working hard to get back on track and these lowly’s are pulling the strong arm CA routine take em' to school. They may need a good lesson in ethics and procedure.

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But if they have documentation, and I have nothing other than my word...

I might not have much to go with. I actually lived in that town, just not at that address.

The 2 places I lived were all electric.

I'm thinking for simplicity sake and just to get it taken care of, that the

I should push the banrkuptcy angle.

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You could do that, or if you know it’s not your bill file a police report, and take them to court if you have to, it's not your account as you said, and you shouldn't have any liability over it. My DW's nut job sister has been pulling that crap with us for years, getting utilities bills put in our names etc. We're just about one 1/2 inch away from actually suing her for damages and fraud.

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