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Patelco denied, now what??!!

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Well, Patelco denied me yesterday for a MC (asked for 5,000) and refinance of my car (25,300). I know that the MC was a bit high but I figured I would give it a try. The reasons they gave were that our debt was too high. On my current report my utilization is around 90%. I have paid everything down to 15% but it’s not showing on report yet. They also said because of limited credit since my BK. I have SEVERAL new accounts since the BK and EVERYTHING has been paid on time since then. I tried to get them to reconsider but they said that I may want to try back in a few months. Should I try writing a letter to someone there at Patelco? Should I try to apply for a Visa with 300 limit?

Oh, my EX FICO is 601 and my DH EX FACO is 608.

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