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Problem w/ EQ

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ok, so on 2/26 i disputed a TL from household bank. 120+

next day marked as 'consumer disputes-reinvestigation in progress'

on 3/1 title of TL changed to "HSBC bank nv fka hhl" blah blah blah

subtitle still household bank, no other changes.

on 3/7 when i pulled my report, the TL had changed, or had been deleted and replaced with another for HSBC BANK NV FKA HHL with a subtitle of household credit services and status of CO. SAME ACCOUNT NUMBER!!

TL continued to say disputed..reinvestigation.... until 4/4.

yesterday int he mail i got the results of the dispute from 3/26... it says that the account was deleted, however, the account remains!!

when i call EQ, they say that the account that was deleted was marked as R5 (collections, 120+) and that the account that remains is R9(CO).

which is true, the account that said 120+ is technically gone, and the one that remains says CO. but they have the same account #, and obviously EQ knew they were the same account b/c it still said disputed on the 'new' account. also on the paper they send with the results of the investigation that says it was deleted, the information for the account that it says was deleted is info from the new account, not the old one. i talked to 2 CSRs and a supervisor. they're starting a new disupte of the TL, but i want it gone...

need suggestions on what to do next.

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