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Questions about Teletrack

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I am new to credit repair, and I have ordered my credit reports from the big 3 agencies and Innovis. I was about to order a report from Teletrack, but after reading the information posted on their website, I am having 2nd thoughts! Here is an example: http://www.teletrack.com/successes/asset.html

I have never had a payday loan, but I do have a couple of old charge-offs that were sold to junk debt collectors, like Asset Aceptance.

My concern is that if I request my file from Teletrack, will old CAs come out of the woodwork? From reading the Teletrack website, it seems they are very biased towards the collection agencies!

Does anyone have any experience with Teletrack?

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I have been reading up more on their site, and I have decided to not order a report from them. The company only seems to exist in order to help out the CAs! They sound quite shady to me. Here are some excerpts from their website:

"Teletrack differs from other consumer credit bureaus and information sources by providing unique sub-prime information that is not available from any other source. The Teletrack databases contain millions of records on high-risk individuals who have charged-off on sub-prime finance, rental or service agreements, have been involved in bankruptcy proceedings, have not returned merchandise or automobiles, have used a fraudulent Social Security number or have multiple outstanding loans and agreements. When a consumer falls into the sub-prime category, Teletrack is most often the only source of current information. And the Teletrack databases are updated continuously, assuring that the most recent information is always available."

"SmartScreen™ is Teletrack’s list suppression service that allows you to identify individuals whom you may not want to target with an offer or special promotion. As always, Teletrack does not sell direct marketing lists generated from its core databases, however, SmartScreen can help you ensure that your direct marketing targets only profitable customers. "

"When other consumer information sources contain little to no record of the individual you are looking for, that does not necessarily mean that your search has reached a dead end. The individual may simply be one of the millions of people who are doing business in America’s thriving sub-prime marketplace. These individuals frequent merchants that cater to a high-risk demographic and these businesses, such as payday lenders and rent-to-own stores, do not report information to traditional consumer information sources. "

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