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Who's better for a refi, Patelco or DCU?

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I'm planning on refinancing my auto loan. Six months will be up soon and I wanted to try w/ $1000 down.

Scores are in my sig and I have paid 100 more than the payment amount every month.

I have a CC and a Savings w/ Patelco.

Any thoughts on who would be better, Patelco or DCU?


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I applied for a re-finance at both credit unions last week.

Patelco was great! They offered me a 115% loan with a choice of 5.2% for 1-5 years or 6.2% for 6 years. The offer is good for four months.

DCU didn't even come close. They offered me a 6.45% rate for 5 years with the offer being good for only 30 days.

I'm going with Patelco!

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