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A collection question


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Hi everyone,

I recently DV'd my collection accounts and received a reply back from Physicians Credit Bureau yesterday.

In a nutshell they said:

- What the original debt was

- how much had been paid when it had been turned over to them

- What date I paid the HOSPITAL and when the HOSPITAL reported it as paid to them

- Also said they had requested a copy of all the account records from the hospital and that they would forward them on to me once they received them.

My question is this ... Do I ask the Credit Bureaurs to verify now?

They haven't marked the account "in dispute"

Do I have any recourse since I paid the hospital directly?

Thanks for any advice you might have.

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Not sure what you're asking. Did you pay the hospital in full? If so, then tell these guys to go pound sand because the debt is paid. You might also call the accounts receivable dept at the hospital and tell them to call the collection agency.

If you haven't paid in full, then you might send these guys another letter pointing out that the haven't marked it "in dispute" a violation of the FDCPA and also that using the words "Credit Bureau" in their name may constitute another violation because they're representing themselves as something they're not.

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Firstly, keep tabs on your report. If they fail to report it as disputed then you have two violations. The FDCPA and the FCRA both require reporting it as disputed.

Wait for the "records" they have requested. The reason for this is that technically speaking, they can't legally get them. If the hospital turns over records with listings of the treatments you received, and they don't include a copy of their signed and notarized HIPPA agreement with the hospital, then the hospital is in deep doo-doo...I think the fine for violating HIPPA is like $100,000. That would be good leverage to get them to drop it completely.

Also, you don't mention any dates on this. The SoL on medicals is generally no more than 4 years.

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Okay ... As Physicians Credit mailed me the records as promised.

1. A copy of the original bill stating that it was for an ankle xray

2. A copy of the Account Inquiry screen from the hospitals accounting system.

I have no signed HIPAA release.

I did dig through my records and found a copy of the hospital privacy practices ... It doesn't list "Collection Agencies" as someone who can have my records without my signature...

Do I have any recourse from here? Or do I just need to live with this paid collection on my report.

I appreciate any input you might have.

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