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Experian Lawsuit - Willful Non-Compliance?


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I'm prepping my lawsuit against Experian. 8 requests to comply with a Court Order, and eight refusals.

What's my best plan of attack?

I reviewed the FCRA, and it has penalties for individuals who report inaccurate information to the bureaus, but I don't see anything about the bureaus refusing to correct an item based on info provided by the consumer.

In my case, EXP claims that the OC and CA are insisting that the negative items remain on my report, so EXP isn't honoring the Court Order to remove them.

I really don't want to go back to the OC/CA, as if I reach someone that isn't as cooperative as the original CSRs that signed off on the Exparte Order, I might not get the result I'm seeking.

Any input would be appreciated.

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If employees at experian are refusing to correct information based on a court order to do so, get their names and/or employee IDs. Warn those people that you will move for orders of contempt to be placed against them personally for refusing a judge's order.

Take that back to the judge with a motion to enter an order of contempt against the employees. Maybe a little time sitting in a cell will correct their perceptions about following court orders.

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Hello Methuss and Divedoc.

Always a Pleasure!

Hey Guys!

Thanks for responding.

I had a judgment against me from an OC, which also lead to a CA listing. (OC sold to CA during lawsuit, I guess).

I had paid it off, but this double-whammy on my credit report really bugged me.

So, I contacted the OC (who had the judgment), and a REP in their law dept agreed to "not object" to a motion to vacate. I subsequently talked her into "not objecting" if I removed all delinquencies and collection activity, which would screw the CA.

I am sure that EXP is speaking to someone "higher up" the food chain, who is objecting to the Order. But, an Order is an Order, right?

I don't mind asking for a contempt order, but shouldn't I have some $$ coming?

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